Vicarious Persuasion

Research Week begins at Oklahoma State University next week, featuring hundreds of research projects and over thirty events and presentations.

OSU gives college students of any age and major an opportunity to participate in research on campus that can impact the work in their field.

Sophomore Kylie Butler, a strategic communications and psychology double-major, assists with a research project called “Vicarious Persuasion,” led by Dr. Ed Burkley and graduate student Jessica Curtis. This project aims to determine the persuadability of a subject who witnesses others being persuaded beforehand.

“So basically, participants come in and they will read an article on the computer about someone who was persuaded by an argument or who wasn’t persuaded by an argument,” Butler said.

“And then we conduct a test that will determine whether they, after reading these articles, were more persuaded or not persuaded by an argument.”

While the project is under way, Butler said she only needs 120 subjects to complete the experiment. Once testing and analyzing is complete, Butler will move on to a new research project.

Ask your adviser if you want to get involved in on-campus research at OSU.

Access OSU’s Research Week events online at

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