Twentyyearold-Life Crisis

So in my Media Entrepreneurship class a few weeks ago, we had a guest speaker who was a songwriter. I wound up seeing him as a motivational speaker of sorts by the end of class. He spoke mainly about what we’re doing with our lives, how we got here, and where we want to be in the future. It got me thinking (oh no).

His main point was “Why?” He said things like: Why are you doing what you’re doing? Why are you in college? Why are you in your major? He challenged us to answer each of these questions, and to keep answering them throughout our college career.

So I started answering them.

Why am I doing what I’m doing? I want a college degree so I can make more than minimum wage.

Why am I in college? It was expected of me. I never considered not going.

Why am I in my major? Because I wanted to major in about seven different things, one of them being English, and I still couldn’t decide at the end of my freshman year. But a wonderful woman named Leslie Payne told me to consider Journalism, because it’s writing and you can write about all of those other six subjects and many more. You can work wherever you want because everybody needs writers. I fell in love with the idea, so I picked Multimedia Journalism as my major. And luckily, I found out that I don’t entirely suck at it.

But the speaker also said this: “Are you happy in your major? Can you see yourself doing it in five years and it still making you tick? If not, get out now. When you’re older, and you have kids, a mortgage, bills to pay, it’s a lot harder to switch over to doing what you love. So don’t have a plan B. Do what you want to do, and now’s the time to do it.”

Which got me thinking again. I like my major. I really do. I like words, grammar, all the things I’ve learned in my production classes, I’ve liked all of it. But is it what makes me tick? Do I love it? I’m not so sure. I like it and I’m told I’m good at it. It might land me a good job when I graduate. I’ve already been blessed with a production job that will begin next week and go until I graduate. A professor submitted one of the commercials I made, with a girl named Anneliese, to a video contest. I just found out today that I won an essay contest related to my field. These things give me confidence that I’d be able to do what I’m doing for the rest of my life if I wanted to.

But it’s not why I wake up in the morning.

One of my absolute favorite things to do is cook for people. I love surprising people with dinners and desserts. I read recipes in my free time. Always. And lately, I’ve actually had time to begin trying some of them out. I’m not great at some of it -yet- but I love doing it. I love learning along the way through all my silly mistakes. I love either coming out with cupcakes that have caught on fire or surprising myself with winning cookies (both have happened in the past week). I love being able to teach myself things without having to take a class to learn how to do it. I love the times that I cook by myself and I love the times that my boyfriend, Chris, helps. I also love listening to Led Zeppelin while I cook.

So here’s some honesty. If I could do just what I wanted, without any fear of repercussions, I’d leave OSU after this semester. I’d get another part time job and spend the summer practicing baking and saving money. Then I’d go to a yearlong pastry program at a place like Platt College. I’d practice, work, practice, work, and maybe in a few years, open a dessert bakery of my own. That’s what I would love to do. Make cakes and cupcakes and cookies and all sorts of delicious things.

But the thing is, I’m too grateful for the scholarships I’ve been blessed with at OSU to throw them away by leaving prematurely. I’m also not foolish enough to quit on my college degree when I’m eight classes away from finishing. I do realize the value of a degree, and I refuse to have put in all this time, money and work for nothing (same reason why the world better not end this December. I’d be so mad if I literally had to spend my entire life in the education system).

I’ve also learned so much in my major, and I want to spend time in the real journalism/production industry to see if ‘like’ turns into ‘love’ down the road. Because there’s nothing wrong with having two passions. So don’t worry, friends and family, quitting is not on the table. All I’m saying is that I’ve been realizing my real dream over the past few months. It’s something I never EVER expected from myself, and something I’ve decided to pursue wholeheartedly. Starting now.

And luckily, I have a boyfriend that supports me baking desserts for a living COMPLETELY.  😉

So this blog may become, in the next few weeks, sort of a mix with projects I do for school and pictures/stories of new cooking experiences, both good and bad. Who knows? Not me. We can find out together.

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One Response to Twentyyearold-Life Crisis

  1. kitchensinkthoughts says:

    I can totally see you doing both…blend your interests and use them to compliment each other!

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