Shower = Creative Genius

I think all of us have had that moment when we’re in the shower and we come up with the greatest idea EVER, but then forget it five minutes after we’re out.

Want to know why I think this is?

Because (almost) everything we do in the shower is a habit. Shampoo, body wash, shave, whatever it is, we’ve all done it since we were kids. I don’t have to mentally try to remember how to shampoo my hair. I don’t read the directions on the back of the bottle (except for Aussie products because their instructions are sometimes hilarious). I just do it. Because it’s easy.

So most of the time, our minds are completely free of anything that requires thought. They’re relaxed, and a relaxed mind leaves room for creativity to fill it up.

The most important part is that, unless you’ve put your phone in a plastic baggie and brought it with you, you have a literal curtain between you and every major distraction out there. No text message to check and immediately reply to, no computer, no TV, no homework, no phone call to make. No interruptions. You’ve got 10-15 minutes completely dedicated to cleaning yourself, which you’ve hopefully done thousands of times, and your brain has nothing to do.

So your mind wanders and wonders. And it comes up with these brilliant ideas, crazy ideas, funny jokes, stuff to try, clever things to say in a Facebook status,  simple solutions, whatever it is. And you feel like a freaking genius when you have these moments.

But then you get out of the shower, pick up your phone that’s sitting on the counter, see that you missed 17 texts, reply to them all, and by then you’ve forgotten that small stroke of creative inspiration. You kick yourself later trying to remember what it was and swearing up and down that you had something good going.

Just try to write it down next time when you get out, and then act on it.

Or maybe this is all just me. (I pondered this in the shower.)

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2 Responses to Shower = Creative Genius

  1. Carlos Bernal says:


  2. kitchensinkthoughts says:

    Haha! So true! Yours is a blog I will read every week. 🙂

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