The Westboro “Baptist Church.”

Technology: New T-Mobile Facebook App

T-mobile has introduced a new application on Facebook called Bobsled. It allows you to make calls through facebook to other users that are online. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the United States or not, and if the person doesn’t answer, you can leave a voice mail (either publicly or privately). They may add calls and texts to mobile phones and landlines in the future.

News: The French Riot Police

Police Chiefs in France have decided to try to change a policy that allows French riot police to drink while on duty. Of course, they’re throwing a fit about it and threatening a strike, because they’re “being treated like children.” Which I don’t understand. Why were they allowed to drink in the first place? They were allowed to be on duty AT a riot with a beer in their hands. Who wants the police, the men responsible for protecting lives, drunk on the job? Nobody. Except them, of course.

Random: Westboro Baptist Church

I love Brandon, Mississippi. You know how the jerks at Westboro Baptist Church go around and protest soldier’s funerals so they can get attention on national television? Well the people of Brandon stood up to them. They found out that WBC was coming to protest in their town, and two things happened.

1) A member of WBC mouthed off to a man at a gas station and ended up getting beat up. When the police came to get statements, nobody out of everyone that saw what happened “was able” to give a description of the man that stood up to the member. So the police couldn’t make any arrests and the WBC member was left to fume on his own.

2) People in the Brandon community drove around the day of the funeral and used their trucks to block cars with Kansas license plates at hotels where they were staying. WBC members called the police and towing services, but tow trucks were backed up for hours, so only a handful of protesters actually made it to the funeral. The few that did were picked up by police for involvement in an alleged crime, but after a few hours of questioning, it was determined that they were not involved an were allowed to leave. Conveniently, after the funeral was over.

Again. I love Brandon, Mississippi.

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