2012 Election, Batteries, Obama, and a Space Kitchen.

Technology: Continuance Batteries

These batteries are one of the niftiest ideas I’ve ever heard of. It operates as a regular AA battery, but it has a USB port in the side. You can recharge it through your computer and use it as a regular AA battery, or use it to recharge smaller devices like your phone through the phone’s USB cord. It’s still a concept design, but if produced.. I’m buying some.

News: The Pauls

You’ve probably heard of Ron Paul, the two-time presidential candidate. However, you may not know that he has a son, Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky. Ron Paul hasn’t announced whether he’s going to run for president again, and there’s speculation that Rand Paul may be interested in the candidacy as well. Rand says that he will not run against his father, so it’ll be interesting to see which Paul runs as bids start coming out this summer.

Random Fact: An Awesome Kitchen

Designed by Vitor Xavier, this circular kitchen includes a stove top, sink, pull-out table, shelves, and cabinet space. It looks like a space-kitchen to me.

P.S. Watch this video. Someone actually asked if Obama has a computer.

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