Take Heed.

I love Philip DeFranco.

If you don’t know who he is, don’t worry. You pretty much need to be addicted to Youtube to have ever heard of him. With over a 1.5 million subscribers, he has the 11th most subscribed channel. However, he is the reason I’m not completely ignorant about social and political news around the world.

Usually, his shows are about five minutes long and consist of three or four stories, ranging from sensitive political situations abroad to who looked the hottest at the Grammys. He always provides links to every story he covers, which is helpful if you want to learn more about them or just see where he’s getting his information.

During his videos, he incorporates clips of other viral videos on the web, as well as pictures and illustrations about whatever he’s talking about. His filming style generally consists of, well, just his face talking, and sometimes he zooms in on parts he wants to emphasize.

This is one of my favorite shows that he posted last summer.

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