Influenza, Syphilis, and President Mubarak

Technology: Universal Flu Vaccine

The universal flu vaccine that we’ve been hearing about for years has now been quite successfully tested on a group of 22 humans. Scientists hope that this vaccine will defend against all strains of the flu virus, and if it works, it means that a new vaccine won’t have to be developed every single year as the flu virus adapts. However, it’ll be at least five years before it will be open to the general public, due to the extensive testing needed.

News: President Mubarak Resigns

If you’ve been following the situation in Egypt lately, I have some good news! President Mubarak finally resigned on Feb. 11, 2011 after 18 days of protests by the Egyptian people. Authority has now been transferred to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, who dissolved the Egyptian parliament today.

Random: Syphilis

If you think you have syphilis, maybe get that double-checked. It turns out that the testing method used since the 1980s by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention actually gives false positives for almost one out of five positive results. If you ever test positive, the CDC always recommends getting tested a second time to make sure. In this case, I recommend a third time as well.

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