Woolly Mammoths at SOTU Address?!

Technology: A Real-Live Woolly Mammoth…

…maybe. Dr. Akira Iritani at Kyoto University in Japan is currently working on a project in which he will essentially attempt to clone a woolly mammoth. A woolly mammoth research facility in Russia houses a frozen mammoth aged at about one month, which was discovered in 2007. Dr. Irtani will attempt to extract 3 square centimeters of tissue with undamaged cells from this mammoth, and then hopefully insert the nuclei into an African Elephant’s egg.

If successful, this will be an incredible research opportunity to learn more about the species and what caused them to go extinct in the first place. This would be the first time anyone has ever successfully cloned an extinct animal. However, there is a huge debate among scientists on whether this experiment should be carried out: learn more here.

News: Surprise! Drama in Congress

In early January, Sen. mark Udall (D-Colo.) circulated a petition urging members of Congress to mix with members of the opposite party when choosing seats at the State of the Union Address this Tuesday, January 25. There are no assigned seats at the Address, but it always winds up with democrats on one side and republicans on the other, with an aisle splitting them. The goal was to promote a sense of healing amidst the heated debate that has overtaken Congress and the Senate.

However, most members of Congress are acting like children.

Rather than sucking it up and extending the hand of friendship, they’re making excuses ranging from “tradition” to “a-ploy-by-the-democrats-to-hide-how-many-seats-they-lost-in-the-last-election” to avoid the adjustment. These men and women can ultimately decide to do whatever they want. However, wouldn’t it be great to show the nation that politicians of opposing parties can get along for just one night of the year?

CNN’s Report on the Topic

Random: Don’t Die Trying This Drinking Game

While you’re watching the State of the Union Address on Tuesday, January 25 at 8 p.m. Central, why not have some fun? Just try not to get alcohol poisoning. Please.

Also, woolly mammoths can grow to over 13 feet tall, and weigh up to eight tons. Fun fact.

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