tnrf: Technology, News, Random Facts

You get the privilege of having ALL THREE topics covered today!

Technology: Liquid Simulator

First of all, I’d like to say that StumbleUpon is one of my greatest loves. The interesting websites you can discover are endless. This is just one of them: The Liquid Simulator

While the webpage itself isn’t exactly aesthetically pleasing, the simulator you’ll find is just interesting enough to distract you from the homework you’re supposed to be working on right now. For science nerds, it’s cool to see the effect of changing some basic characteristics of water. For everyone else, it’s just fun to play with.

News: Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge

China is opening a high-speed railway from Bejing to Shanghai in June of this year; they finished laying tracks on November 15th, 2010 and are currently in the testing process. The  final track length is 540,700 feet, making it the longest bridge in the world. To put this into perspective, the Golden Gate Bridge is 8,980 feet, meaning that the Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge is about 18.4 times longer. Click here for a photo.

Random Fact: Awesome Staircases

I don’t understand why these genius staircases aren’t already in everybody’s homes, and why nobody thought of these sooner.

A neat way to forge a library when you lack an extra room: Library Staircase

A clever way to store stuff: Hidden Drawers Staircase

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